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The answers to the most common questions about buying a home in Spain


Everything you need to know about buying a property on the Costa del Sol

How long does it take before we can move in from the time we place a bid?

A purchase in Spain has a processing time of lawyers, notaries and banks of about 6-8 weeks, regardless of whether you buy a house or an apartment. The entire purchase is made in Spanish. We are of course here to help you, but we always recommend that you hire a lawyer/representative who can also help you with the legal matters.

Are there additional costs when I buy a home in Spain?

When you buy a home on the Costa del Sol, some taxes and fees are added to complete the purchase. We will of course help you through the entire process and guide you, but in short you can say that there are different amounts depending on whether the purchase concerns a used home (resales) or whether it concerns newly produced homes (new developments).

When purchasing a resale home, a tax of 7% applies. In addition to that, 1% cost + VAT to the lawyer is added.

When buying a new development, VAT is added to the purchase instead.

  • 10% VAT (IVA) (Impuesto sobre el valor añadido)
  • 1.5% stamp duty (IAJD lmpuesto de Actos Juridicos Documentados)
  • 2.0% costs to the notary and the real estate register 1% + VAT to the lawyer.

The percentages indicate part of the purchase price of the home you buy.

Do I need a lawyer and why?

It is important to use a Lawyer who will ensure that the property you are buying is fully legal and that there are no debts or encumbrances that need to be cleared by the vendor.

At Estate Stockholm Costa del Sol we can recommend some experienced law firms who can guide you throughout the whole buying process in your own language, but if you choose you can of course hire your own lawyer.

The Lawyer is the person who will prepare the purchase contract and at this stage a percentage of the property price will be paid. At this point you will also set a date for final completion at the notary. After signing the Title Deed at the Notary your chosen Lawyer will help you with name changes, connections on contract to all utilities such as electricity, water and telephone.

What is empadronamiento?

The empadronamiento, also known as the Padrón Municipal de Habitantes, is a municipal register or census record, similar to an electoral roll. Registering on the padrón places a resident of a town on the list of local inhabitants.

Registration with the Padrón Municipal de Habitantes is obligatory for anyone moving to Spain, and planning to live here for more than six months out of the year. Residents may register individually or as a family.

There are so many real estate agents in Spain. Do I have to contact several agents to find my dream home?

No, you don’t have to. We have access to all apartments and houses for sale on the Costa del Sol. Like all serious real estate companies on the Costa del Sol, we use a real estate system in which all real estate companies work and share their homes with each other.

Therefore, it is enough to speak to only one real estate company who can help you find the home you are looking for, that all the paperwork is in order and that you get the advice and guidance you need before your purchase. Please note that this also does not affect the price of the home. The agents commission is divided between the selling companies and is always paid by the seller.

What do I need to think about before I can make a purchase in Spain?

Before you can buy a property in Spain, you must apply for a NIE number. The NIE number is a kind of social security number that identifies you and gives you the opportunity to sign an agreement in Spain. Without an NIE number, you cannot apply for legal registration, etc.

We can help you apply for an NIE number. Many of our customers apply for their NIE number before arriving in Spain. This can often be done through the Spanish embassy in your country. It takes about 3 weeks to get your NIE number, and the certificate is valid for 3 months from the time of issue.