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Key holding service

From €0,24 per day

ESTATE Key holding service – makes it easier for you

Rent out your apartment or house and let us take care of your keys. Your tenants can pick up the key at our office in central Fuengirola and then return the keys after the end of the rental period.

From €0,24 per day

Whether you want to keep the keys with us for your tenants or if you simply don’t want to risk forgetting your keys at home, our key holding service makes life on the Costa del Sol a little easier. The keys can be picked up at our office in central Fuengirola every weekday between 10: 00-18: 00.

The fee for ESTATE key service is 89€ per year including VAT and you can choose to end the service at any time.


Our fees for this service are 89€ per year incl. VAT invoiced every sixth month and to be paid six months in advance. The Agreement can be cancelled at any time but in that case there will not be any refund of retained Key Holding fees.

Time for pick up of keys is Monday to Friday between 10:00-18:00, with a previous 48 hour notification by e-mail with all details of the person that will do the pick up. If pick up is wished to be done at any other hour an extra charge will be made of 30€.

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