An update on the situation in Spain

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An update on the situation in Spain

A clarification of the situation in Spain in general, and on the Costa del Sol in particular!

We get many questions daily from our customers about how it really is right now on the beautiful Costa del Sol in terms of Covid-19 and Corona. For this reason, we want to give you a better insight into what the situation looks like right now.

  • Malaga Airport is up and running. Flights come and go from morning to evening. A short health declaration is handed in before arrival.
  • The Costa del Sol has had a very low spread of infection since the start of the pandemic, and to our delight it has continued to be so.
  • Actions and social distancing are in place for everyone’s best and we all wear the obligatory face mask when we move from point A to point B. Of course no mask is required when enjoying the beach/pool or when sitting down at the table on a restaurant to eat.
  • The government has been clear and recently stated that no upcoming quarantines or lockdowns are planned. Instead, there is a selection of actions and each region chooses what to implement.
  • Opening hours at bars and restaurants have been adjusted to 01:00. So there is still plenty of time to enjoy Spanish cuisine and with plenty of space for everyone!

So for all of you who are considering traveling to the Costa del Sol, we can say that we, under the circumstances, live a very good life here and so can you. We enjoy the sun, swimming, good food and nice shorter trips. Also great hotel availability and cheap hotel prices!

For those of you who have or have had plans to buy a home on the Costa den Sol, we can say that the market is stable. In some cases there is an opportunity for favorable negotiations. The Costa del Sol has so much to offer and these softer values, such as 320 days of sunshine a year, help the market to maintain its power.

In Spain, we call the situation ”the new normality”. A way of life that we believe can be applied throughout the world. We continue to live life and look ahead!

New times, new dreams!

Call, email or contact us via social media for questions about the situation in Spain, the housing market, specific homes, online viewings and more!

We at Estate Sthlm – Costa del Sol wish you all a continued pleasant summer!