Common questions

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Common questions

Strict restrictions have been imposed in Spain to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. We have gathered the answers from to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Under what conditions can I leave my home?

– Basically, you can only go out to carry out basic tasks, such as shopping for food (including the newspaper), medicines, carrying out banking affairs and going to work (if your occupation belongs to one of the sectors that have quarantine exemptions). In the case you are going to work, you must also have a certificate for this. Click here to see and print the certificate! Furthermore, you may be outdoors if you are on your way back to your permanent address or if you are a carer for a person in need of help. The latter movements must always be done alone, unless you accompany a person who needs an assistant.

Can I bring underage children with me when I buy food, to not leave them alone?

– Under these circumstances, shopping should preferably be done through order and delivery, or alternatively ask someone to do the shopping for you. If no other alternative is available, children must wait outside the grocery store while shopping.

Can I go to visit neighbors, friends or relatives?

– Only if the person in question is a person in need of assistance and in that case a distance of at least 1-2 meters should be maintained.

Can I buy food for others who are prevented from doing it themselves?

– Yes, but at least 1-2 meters distance must always be kept.

Can I be outside in a common area in my community?

– No. This is considered a public place, even if it is private. Not even if you are alone there, for pure recreation. The only exception is, for example,  if it is a place used for hanging laundry, but then you have to do the task alone.

May I go out on my terrace or in my garden?

– Yes, as long as it belongs to your own home and is not shared with others.

Can I go for a walk or jog if I am close to a green area?

– No. Only people with medical certificates are allowed to exercise, regardless of where it happens.

Can I walk my pet?

– Yes, but only one person at a time, as close to home as possible and as quickly as possible.

What about car co-driving?

– Only one person may travel by car, unless the passenger is disabled, dependent or underage. The basic rule under these circumstances is a maximum of one person per row of seats and in addition, travelers should sit as far from each other as possible, i.e. not behind each other.

Can you ride a moped bike or scooter?

– Yes, but the same rules apply as when you are on foot.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in a taxi or similar service?

– Max one, unless he or she also accompanies a person in need of help or a minor. In any case, passengers should be seated in the backseat.

Can I go and pick up a relative at the airport or train?

– In general no. Again, the exception is anyone in need of assistance or a minor.

Can I make a planned move?

– Only if it is inevitable and then you have to be able to show documentation to prove this.

What if my ID card expires?

– All Spanish ID cards (DNI) for civilians, which expire during the crisis, have been automatically renewed for one year.

What about a driver’s license?

– All driving licenses that expire during the crisis have been automatically extended by two months.

Can I continue to drive a car with an expired M.O.T. ?

– Yes, but only if the M.O.T. expired during the crisis and not before.

Can I buy Take Away from a restaurant?

– Since the stricter restrictions were introduced on March 30th, restaurants and bars may only offer home delivery.

Does the postal service and courier companies work?

– Yes.

What do I do if my lease expires in the middle of the quarantine?

– As long as it is possible, you should remain at your current residence, as long as the state of alarm prevails.

What is being sprayed in public places?

– It is a disinfectant. Not poison.

Can you buy food wherever you want?

– The rules stipulate that trips to grocery stores should be as infrequent and as close to your home as possible. It is not acceptable to go out several times a day to buy individual items each time or to choose the store furthest from home.

Do you automatically become liable to tax in Spain if, because of the Corona crisis, you stay here more than half the year?

– No.