Quarantine life

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Quarantine life

My name is Anna and I normally work as an Office Manager at Estate in Fuengirola. However, since a few weeks ago life in Spain looks a little different.

My family and I live in a residential area of Fuengirola and we can now only go out to take out the bins or go for a walk with our little dog. However, we are fortunate to have a garden with a pool and wonderful views of Fuengirola.

To cope with the quarantine, we have tried to create new routines. At 8:30 am the alarm clock rings and my daughters start with their online lessons and activities. The University of Andalusia has cancelled all normal classes and are now doing all teaching and tutoring online.

Me and my husband work as best we can and at 14:00 it is time for lunch. For me, this is one of the highlights of the day since I don’t normally eat at home but now can enjoy having my whole family together. In the afternoon we continue with studies and work.

In the evenings, we spend time together playing games or watching something on the TV. Our daughters also usually “hang out” with their friends via Google Meet.

So far I think quarantine is going well but if it gets extended even more, it will probably be difficult to keep up with daily routines. But what I hope most of all is that this strange situation will soon be resolved so that we can all safely go out again and enjoy our wonderful city of Fuengirola and the fantastic Costa del Sol.