House Prices in Spain 2020

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House Prices in Spain 2020

Are house prices in Spain going to keep increasing in 2020? Looking at all the recent data it seems highly likely that the answer is yes. House prices are rising across Spain, both for new builds and resale properties. In Q3 of 2019 average sale prices were up 4.7%. This is the third consecutive increase of the year and indicates that we’ll continue to see growth in the property sector throughout 2020.

Andalucia, with around 6% growth, is one of the main regions driving the recovery of the Spanish property market. This shows that buyers are areas with easy access to the coast. After all, it’s the relaxing lifestyle that they’re looking for, with lots of sunny days on the beach.

The general trend is positive and there is every reason to be very optimistic about the future. Both as vendor and a buyer.