The property market and the Corona virus

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The property market and the Corona virus

We have all ended up in a very special situation and at the time of writing, the whole of Spain is in quarantine, which of course affects the housing market on the Costa Del Sol. We will try to answer some of the most common questions we get right now:

What do you think will happen to the housing market on the Costa del Sol?

This situation will undoubtedly have effects on the housing market, but right now it is far too early to say exactly to what extent. We see a drastic reduction in new listings and many sellers and buyers choose to wait and see what will happen. The housing market will not come to a complete halt, but when the most difficult period is over, people’s will and need to sell and buy properties on the Costa del Sol will still remain.

What should I do if I intend to buy or sell a home on the Costa del Sol this spring?

Contact us by mail or phone. The situation is ever changing and we can keep you updated on the current situation on the Costa del Sol. Even if you can’t or don’t want to complete a deal right now, it’s good to be prepared for the day when conditions are better.

I have already decided to sell my property, what do I do now?

Contact us now and we will start the listing process. Most of the work we do digitally, lawyers are still working and we have daily contact with them. Notaries are still open and real estate transactions are being carried out despite the prevailing situation.

I have my property listed with you, how do you work on that assignment now?

All of our agents work from home at the moment and are, as usual, in constant contact with our potential buyers all over the world. We send prospects, use google maps, share links and other digital media presenting your listing and the area where your property is located.

We have the opportunity to conduct digital screenings and meetings, something that we will also develop even more in the future.